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Doors open at Eleven. We suggest you arrive no later than Twelve Midnight.

Shows start around One o’clock in the morning.


Kindly fill out the information below… Or call the madam at 917.280.5977



A ‘show fee’ in the amount of 20% of your food & beverage costs will be added to your bill. This Show Fee is NOT a gratuity & is not distributed to the service staff as a gratuity. Rather, all service team members are paid a direct wage that is at least equal to the minimum wage. Tipping is not required or expected. The show fee is used to offset operational costs associated with the performances staged at The Box.




txt.reserv-the-show txt.the-show-style-vogue oral silvifix


~ Savory ~


Pomme Frites

Chicken Quesadilla

Mini Burgers

Cheese Plate

~ Sweet ~

Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Covered Strawberries




Ash Stroud
Johnny Fayva
Kimberly Nichole


Andrew Katz


Jana Jacobs
Kimberly Dooley
Amber Villanueva


Associate Director

Matthew Dailey
Kaitana Magno

Technical Advisor

Wes Warren

Stage Manager

Paul O’Toole

Assistant Stage Manager

Betty Clark

Lighting Design

Zachary Tomic

Sound Design

Evan Petersen

Stage Hands

Jake Williams
Vincent Venuti



Cris Silva




Mia Calabrese


Giza Selma



Ken King

Kyle Black

Owen Marvel

Daniel Jenner


Jillian Teta

Malorie Bryant

Mia Calabrese

Emma Waldron

Kristina Cruz

Ariel Roberson

Aliyah Williams

Rachael Williams

Milica Mandic



Aliyah Williams

Ebony Mackey

Kathleen Latorre


Marcos Ceron


Alex Flores

Jorgue Duran


Alex Moreno

Toribio Israel Flores


Gabriel Oropeza Diaz

Israel Ramirez

Juan Zenteno

Noe Perez

Jorge Fuentes


David Cascone

Nate Narac

Henry Huie


Melissa Infante

Andrea Rodriguez 



Javier Vivas


Andrew Moon  Jenn Lee   


Hope Weiner


Keith Okada



Simon Hammerstein 


Richard Kimmel   Randy Weiner   Serge Becker


John Kole & Phil Morgan for Hecho Inc. (718) 609-5588

The Box Presents...

THE BOX consists of a 7,000 square foot three-level building including a reception foyer and two floors, which can accommodate 288 guests for an event or seat 125 guests comfortably for a dinner.

THE BOX is a full service production facility. We can provide entertainment specifically tailored for your event, from a single performance to a full length show. Our resident directors have created a plethora of numbers for you to choose from.

Please enter your information below to have an event concierge contact you.

theatrepdf andrews


The Reception Lounge can be outfitted with lounge furniture for a casual environment or banquet tables and/or round tops for a formal dinner.



The Second Floor consists of a bar and an auditorium that can accommodate 88 guests in standing room and can be outfitted banquet tables and/or round tops for a formal dinner.


  • What time does The Box open?

    Doors open at 11:00pm.

  • What days of the week is The Box open?

    We are open nightly Tuesday-Saturday.
    We are dark on Sundays & Mondays.

  • If I'm coming to see a show, what time should I arrive?

    There are several acts each evening. We recommend arriving between 11pm-1am. If you have made a table reservation, you must arrive by 1am.

  • What time does the show start?

    The first show starts around 1am and acts continue all night.

  • Do I need to make a reservation?

    We encourage all our guests to make reservations. You may either fill out a reservation request form or contact our reservationist at (917) 280.5977 or [email protected].

  • Can I reserve a private table?

    Yes, table reservations are available and recommended to best experience the show. You may either fill out a reservation request form or contact our reservationist at (917) 280.5977 or [email protected].

  • Is there a dress code?

    Yes. We encourage guests to dress glamorously.
    Black tie optional every night of the week.

  • Where is The Box located?

    We are located in the Lower East Side at 189 Chrystie Street.

  • Is food served at The Box?

    Yes, The Box offers a small plates dining menu. Kitchen is open from 11pm-4am.

  • I left something at The Box last night. Who should I contact?

    Please email us ([email protected]) with your contact information and a description of your item. We will respond within 24 hours or on the next business day. You may also call our offices at (212) 982-9301 on Monday-Friday from 10am-6pm. Credit cards must be picked up in person by the owner.

  • What if I have more questions?

    Please feel free to email us ([email protected]) or call our offices Monday-Friday from 10am-6pm at (212) 982-9301.


For general inquiries, please fill out the form below.
To make a reservation, visit the Reservations page.

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